Show Your Love for Digital Currency With a Collectible Bitcoin Coins

Bitcoin is the digital currency that’s been sweeping the nations lately. This cryptocurrency has no physical manifestation, but can be spent online or in person for goods and services. For those who love this latest innovation in the ages-old concept of currency, however, there is a way you can display your obsession in physical form. Bitcoin coins are collectible items to show off your love of digital currency to your friends, family, or coworkers.

What is Bitcoin?

The idea behind Bitcoin is to have a currency that is not controlled by any single country or corporation, which can be used anywhere. With this new monetary system created by Satoshi Nakamoto, there are no banks, no fees, no regulatory systems, and no physical coinage to carry. Created in 2009 and primarily used for online transactions, the value of bitcoins has recently spiked, leading to an increase in public interest in the cryptocurrency. The anonymity of bitcoin transactions has also added to its popularity, especially in illicit markets.

Bitcoins can be gained in a few different ways, including trade, direct purchase, or “mining,” where skilled programmers create systems to solve complicated math problems in exchange for the bitcoins these problems spawn. This digital currency can then be stored either in the cloud through a digital wallet, or on your computer.

Why Physical Bitcoin Coins?

Bitcoin coins are the perfect collectors’ item for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. These coins are designed with the familiar “B” logo on one side and a circuit board design on the other, and measure approximately 38mm in diameter. With your choice of copper, silver, or gold plated bitcoin coin, they can be used to decorate and complement any space. Although they have no monetary value, there are plenty of other things you can use them for:

  • Use them to decorate any space
  • Show them off to friends
  • Feature them in your bitcoin-friendly business
  • Give them as gifts to friends and family who are also enthusiasts
  • Use them as paperweights in your home or office
  • Carry them in your pockets for luck
  • Keep them as a reminder of your own digital wealth
  • Use it to accompany a gift of actual bitcoins

Cryptocurrency is the next logical step in the evolution of money. As this trend continues to grow, share your loyalty to Bitcoin with the world. Bitcoin coins are the perfect collectible for anyone with an interest in digital currency. Consider giving a friend a gold plated bitcoin coin for their next birthday, or purchase one for yourself to decorate any space.


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