The Highs and Lows of Bitcoin

Bitcoin has experienced many highs and lows these past few weeks that have made investors both interested and wary of the product. Some consumers are considering the possibility of staking a claim in the digital currency because they are convinced that cryptocurrency is the new wave of trading locally and internationally. So what is Bitcoin and why should consumers be concerned about its successes and failures?

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a form of cryptocurrency that has its existence in data only. The cybermoney has no value outside of its digital sphere, which makes it different from traditional bank accounts in which currency online is backed by real dollars and coins that are withdrawable at the consumer's financial institution. Still, even with its lack of value outside of the cyber world, Bitcoin is a safe way to trade anonymously online because of its encrypted digital wallet that can either be saved online or printed and kept in the office.

What are Bitcoin's Limitations?

Many believe that Bitcoin is the wave of the future. No one, however, can acknowledge the innovativeness of the cryptocurrency without also shedding light on its roadblocks. Bitcoin has an impeccable encrypting system that resembles that of an unbreakable chain. The cybermoney also has a public policy that allows anyone to see how much currency is in a person's wallet. Saving Bitcoins online is convenient, but the repercussions are quite daunting since there is no way to retrieve money lost in a software crash that affects a user's online wallet. All of these concerns along with the recent rise in cyber thieves using Ransomware to demand cybermoney from users is why some investors are wary of Bitcoins.

Conclusion: Is Bitcoin a Good Investment?

Consumers may not feel comfortable investing all of their savings into a cyber currency model that is still in its infantry stage, but they should consider contributing some funds to the Bitcoin movement. Japan recently approved the form of cyber money as a legal means of paying for goods. Other parts of Asia are viewing cryptocurrency in a more favorable light as well. Investors looking to expand their portfolios by buying into something with a high probability of turning major profits in the future should consider the Bitcoin.


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